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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 20:48

2nd Degree Sovereignty



If you've already established or are familiar with Sovereignty and Nationality, This is The Next Degree for you!!!

Remember this......Own Nothing, but control everything How?

2 Suggested Options:

1. Establish your Nationality and Sovereignty, correct the status from Color Code Adjudication Status, to Free Caste Aboriginal National. Once you do this then you will be able place your property under the protection of a third party entity with you as the Aboriginal National Chief Managing Operator.

2. Remove Yourself from Residential Status (Color Code Status of Black WARD). If you 'own' anything, you are a Tenant in common/renter. If you are a RESIDENT OF A CITY OR STATE, you are a residential WARD.....i.e. incompentant, minor, Prisoner of WAR/Slave! Place your property into an Estate-Homestead or Domicile, Pure Trust, or Private Contract Company. You MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, before you jump out there......SO STUDY WELL!!!


Nitty Gritty Law School – William Thornton The ULTIMATE 4 hr Class includes:

How to correctly write and submit Motions

Notice of Motions

How to get the info that Attorney’s have access to

The proper use of Affidavit’s in Court Cases

What is a Court, by definition, What is a Declaration

Courtroom Etiquette, how and how not to speak to the magistrate judge and adversary attorney

Simple Techniques with Motions to enter as a Sovereign King or Queen

How to be summoned as a Defendant, but walk in a Plaintiff

How to sanction an Adversary Attorney for misconduct

Lien Removal – How to remove IRS Liens

Asset Protection – How to set up your Private Contract Company to protect all of your assets. Detailed Step by Step Documents are included with the DVD ROM!!!

How to deal with Traffic Tickets – How to think, act, and conduct oneself during traffic stops, and submissions of liens to the courthouse. Get in the mind frame of how and what to do!

Social Security Trust – how to become the trustee and beneficiary of your SS Trust

Isonomi and The Moorish Construction of Government – Taj Tariq Bey

Noble Drew Ali’s Construction of The Moorish Holy Temple of Science

Did Drew Ali really meet with The Queen of England?

What the Moors contributed to the construction of The United States Republic

Why The UNITED STATES CORPORATION can lawful tear up your votes!

Aboriginal Moors, No Taxes, True Flag and History – Dr. Ali Muhammad

Why you should not be paying taxes as an Aboriginal Moor

Deeper insight on The History of The Moors in America

The Moorish Flag and it’s proper usage

Final Prophecies of Noble Drew Ali – Hakim Bey

Brief’s on Dealing with the Social Security Number, Voter’s Registration, and further warnings and things that have come to pass, and are still yet to come to pass.

Voter’s Fraud – Patriots explain the widespread voters fraud.


DVD ROM – Traffic Ticket Package, Asset Protection Package. Writs, Court Cases, Pleadings, E-book - 'Court Room Survival'!!!! (DVD original cost is $1500, this is NOT the complete dvd, we've broken it up into sections, so this portion is probably valued at $300 alone, a MUST HAVE for the serious Sovereign!)



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